Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Q- Cursive - Queensland's Official Font

If you're still a pre-service teacher and are unable to spend extra dollars getting the school fonts, you can download the Q-Cursive style (which is Queensland's official font) from the Education Queensland website.
The font saved to my "fonts" on my computer. But since I use Google Docs right now (which has set fonts), I can tell if its usable in Microsoft Word. I created the above sentence in Q-Cursive Editor which is also available when you download the .zip file.

Thanks EQ for this resource. I'm pretty sure not alot of pre-service teachers know about this one though.


  1. Hi Leesa

    This resource is no longer available at that address but is now directly available from the Learning Place with no log in requirement.

    It's offered on an AS-IS and AS-AVAILABLE basis with no technical support or warranties but it also has a gratis et libre licensing, with most resources available under Creative Commons BY or BY-NC.


  2. Thanks Andrew. I'll let everyone know. Cheers, Leesa


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