Thursday, May 13, 2010

How to start a successful Aboriginal Business by Neil Willmett

Neil Willmett's How to Start a Sucessful Aboriginal Business published by Brolga Publishing (ISBN 1-92122-146-1) is available for business students. 

A very quick google search found these suppliers -
(Originally published on InquiryBites blog July 23, 2009)

- Amendment - you can check out Artist As Entrepreneur Wiki a 1 semester undergraduate commerce course. Neil's book is the text book.


  1. I liked the ABM on FB and have been following their posts to see who and what is being included in the mag. Given the talent I have seen profiled so far, the personal journeys and stories completely resonates with the the deadly stories campaign
    We have so much talent in the community why not talk it up. Oh, and only yesterday did we subscribe to the ABM!

    1. Thanks Deadly! I wholeheartedly agree. The Deadly Stories from the Qld Government is fantastic. And the AGM is such a great resource. It's fantastic that you have subscribed. It's nearly a year old now.


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