Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Every Queensland school to teach Indigenous culture

Last month an article was published discussing a new policy to incorporate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture into all Queensland schools. The article received some minor coverage and prompted a few comments from readers of the Courier Mail - the comments were for me disappointing but really not surprising. I'd like to contribute some discussion

Firstly, the teaching of Aborignal & Torres Strait Islander perspectives into classrooms will not by itselt "close the gap" of student educational outcomes.

A number of schools have already worked hard to ensure that cultural perspectives have been embedded across their curriculums. For the bulk of schools however, this challenge will require quite an investment.

However, in thinking more about this issue - I would challenge teachers to NOT consider embedding Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander perspectives as a burden.

If you only consider this as something that "I have to do", then you will probably not teach it effectively. Rather, approach the embedding of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander perspectives that will provide you with a much more well-rounded knowledge of Australia.

(Originally posted in Critical Classroom on TypePad on 09/02/2010)

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