Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Find authentic connections in learning about others

Janson Hews from the Powerhouse Museum contacted me today about a project for Indigenous Literacy Day this year, where students from Glebe Public School visited the Yinalung Yenu: Women's Journey Exhibition.

Students looked at the important role that women play in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander life. Further they:
We invited them to write and illustrate a personal narrative about a woman who has been important in their own lives, highlighting her journey and what she has in common with the women in the exhibition.
This last part is so important. It is more important that the children use the stories of others to find the connections within their own lives. This makes it fundamentally more important a learning experience - the realisation of the important role of women in all our lives, than simply studying the OTHER.
Congratulations to the Powerhouse Education Program team. Well done.
Looking for some more "signficant people" then check out the teacher's notes!
Read more on their blog

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