Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Indigenous special days calendar

A new resource for teachers - A calendar of special days for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Australians. I've created it as a Google Calendar so everyone can access it. I'll be uploading a month at a time at this stage.

Here is a run down of February events in the calendar (with some links). I've not included wikipedia links in this post.
6 February 1976 - Pat O'Shane becomes first Aboriginal barrister in New South Wales.

An image of Pat O'Shane with information about her early career.

8 February 1868 - Aboriginal Cricket Team leaves Sydney for England.

An image of the team from 1868 is held in National Museum of Australia.

8 February 1939 - Cummerangunja Walk Off

Mission Voices is a website that contains information, resources and timelines about the history of missions and reserves in Victoria, including Cummerangunja Walk Off.

12 February 1965 - Freedom rides begin with Charles Perkins.

The Freedom Rides were designed to protest as well as draw attention to racism and discrimination in New South Wales communities.

13 February 2010 - First Indigenous All Stars "Dreamteam" Rugby League Game

Most Murris & Kooris will be watching this one!

27 February 1968 - Lionel Rose defeats Fighting Harada

Lionel Rose defeated Fighting Harada in Japan to win the WBC bantamweight title and the WBA World bantamweight title.

28 February 1995 Aboriginal Embassy included on register of the National Estate

Links from Australian Heritage Database about the Tent Embassy

* Notes on this calendar - I've found its easy to access information about the YEAR events happened, but not the actual DAYS/DATES. I'll slowly add to this calendar as I find more information & evidence of the actual dates. Look forward to any feedback & additions people can add!

(Originally posted on criticalclassroom on TypePad on 01/23/10)

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