Thursday, May 13, 2010

Birrguu Matya: A Wiradjuri board game

Birrguu Matya. Have you heard of this game before? Its great. My kids love this game. It comes wrapped in a little foldable felt mat (which doubles as the game board). I hang it up so it doesn't get lost.

I've not been able to find very much information at all about the game, nor its creator Donna Hensen. Well, when I say creator, I mean creator in its current format, as its based on a traditional game from the Wiradjuri people.

I highly recommend this game for students. I'd purchase one or two sets at least for the classroom, then inspire the students to make their own games using whatever is around them.
Here is a summary of the information that I can find about the game, including where you can purchase it.
  • here is a link to a unit on Mathematics in Indigenous contexts at Quirindi School (NSW Board of Studies)
  • you can purchase it from Dreamtime Kullilla Art Products , Echidnas on the Loose,   Eco-Toys,    Gecko Educational,  Kangaroo Valley Woodcrafts,   Bud's Toys , and many others. The prices are probably all very similar once you take into consideration credit card fees and postage. Though I've bought mine from Dreamtime Kullilla Art Products as they are an Aboriginal Owned Company (some of the others listed above may be as well, but i've not researched them).
I've not been able to find any further information on the internet about Donna Hensen the designer. But I thoroughly recommend this game to every family.

(Originally published on InquiryBites blog on August 4, 2009)

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