Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Blak History Month Poster

Last week I ordered a poster created by Aboriginal artist Sam Cook from Redbubble.

Australian Blak History Month is a very grassroots celebration of history, people, events, stories from a Blak perspective. I have written about it elsewhere on this blog, and there is a link also to my Blak History Month website which has a range of free resources.

I highly recommend all schools purchase this poster. Not only does it look DEADLY, supports an Aboriginal artist, but it will resonate with your students and their families when they see it hanging in your school and classroom.

The poster I chose is print mounted on a matte board. I chose the white matte board. There are different options of purchasing with RedBubble including already framed prints.

You can see all Sam's artwork at www.redbubble.com/people/kissmyblakarts.

Leesa Watego


  1. I am Family daycare and I would like to ask for any posters that you my have to display for the children--Blak history month, any stickers etc that we can use to promote am inclusive practace. Thank you Christine Stewart
    30 Driftwood Street
    QLD 4132

    1. Thanks Christine for you comment. I failed to click a box behind-the-scenes and I didn't realise you'd commented until just now. I know Blak History Month has passed for 2012. But we always have next year. You can buy a proper print of the BHM poster from Redbubble (the link is in the post), or you can download it for free. I have a laminating machine so I can make my posters look nice. If you print an A4 copy, then you can also mount it. That always looks nice and it's not expensive. If you go to the Australian Blak History Month Facebook page, you can download sheets there that can be turned into posters - http://www.facebook.com/AustraliasBlakHistoryMonth. If you keep in touch we can find other places to create inexpensive posters.


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